Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tools of Trade

I've been professionally writing software for three years and worked with a number of IDEs, platforms, and languages depending on the problem at hand. So far here are my favourites:

Platform: Linux/Unix
Editor: emacs
IDE: none
Languages: C/C++ and python

These are the combination that puts food on my table. I don't use IDE in linux even though there's eclipse. So far I can stay productive hacking away at a dark console window that is running my favorite emacs editor. Python hands down is the best scripting language in my own opinion.

Platform: Windows
Editor: emacs
IDE: BloodShed Dev-C++
Languages: C/C++

If I want to awe myself out of boredom, I write some useless software in Windows. Writing C++ software in Windows is really a headache but thanks to MSDN library and intellisense, it helps to ease out some pain. Lately, I've been horsing around with DirectX 9 SDK.

There we go. I should have added Microsoft Visual Studio but I can't afford it. Microsoft does release free editions called "Express" editions but MS Visual C++ Express can't even compile a simple Win32 "Hello World!" program for it doesn't include the necessary libraries.

I have a lot of plans for this blog. Namely introducing the Python language. It irks me to find that there is not much python job offerings in Philippines even knowing how wonderful it is. A more advanced Python tutorial (Writing C extensions in Python) will follow given time.

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