Sunday, April 13, 2008

Making a living out of python

I was introduced with a number of scripting languages when I started developing unix applications. I've tried quite a few: PHP, perl, and even ruby but nothing can compare on how many projects I've done using python.

What I like about python is the very simple syntax to the point that it's self-documenting. It has its own console (just what is shown above) which is great for debugging and checking what methods and members is inside a package or class (using the dir() function). It has a huge community of developers writing cool modules on it like DirectX and openGL wrappers, game libraries (pygame), network programming api's (python-twisted), and more. In case if you need help, there's a very active mailing-list (comp.lang.python) where you could ask questions.

In my work which is mostly writing web services and implementing network protocols and stuff, python helped me to think more about how to make things work rather than how should I code it. Funny thing is that I know a lot of software developers who's never heard of it (I live in Philippines by the way, it could differ in other places). After googling on the web you'll find companies like google and youtube using python on their backend services. So if you have some spare time head to and see for yourself. There also a free online book that you can download.

Okay after a brief introduction, we'll write some python code next. After that we'll write a python module in C. Till next blog! :)